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      Nowadays, many people seek smile aesthetics and facial harmonization. The Adipose Body of the Cheek or Bichat Ball is a fatty anatomical structure that greatly influences the facial contour.

This excess fat on the cheek changes the shape of the face leaving the contour more rounded, which bothers many women and some men as well.

      Therefore, in properly selected individuals, the removal of the Adipose Body of the Cheek or Bichectomy can produce changes in the facial appearance, reducing the projection of the cheeks and highlighting the malar eminences (cheekbone), leaving them more refined and defined, providing a slimmer and prettier profile (Fine Face).


    Myths and truths

      The technique was described in 1980, but in Brazil its greater dissemination is recent. The surgery lasts around 30 minutes and can be performed with local anesthesia, with or without sedation, with an incision inside the mouth without visible scars.

      The recovery process is very similar to the extraction of third molars with swelling varying from individual to individual, but typically takes around a week.

      Only a specialized professional will be able to evaluate and indicate the best treatment for facial contour alteration.




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